GeneMods: The NU Synthetic Biology Club
Host monthly discussions of contemporary synthetic biology research advances and issues, invite key leaders to share insights, and engage the public in discussion about ethics and regulation.

Co-organizer: Joseph J. Muldoon (2016-2017)

Youth & Opportunity United (Y.O.U.) Science Program
Lead group of 3rd-5th grade students in after school science enrichment activities drawing from the Science Club curriculum.

Participant: Jessica S. Yu (2015-present)

FIRST is a K-12 robotics competition to promote STEM education and team-building skills. Judges review student efforts and assign awards based on soft-skills such as outreach and engineering design principles. Judge Advisers lead, train, and facilitate deliberation amongst judges. Judging consultants meet with student robotics team to train public-speaking and presentation skills.

Judge: Albert Y. Xue (2012-present)
Judge adviser: Albert Y. Xue (2014-present)
Judging consultant: Albert Y. Xue (2016-present)

Graduate Student Speaker Series
Lead discussion about current research in our field, and how it could be incorporated into Next Gen Science Standards with local high school teachers.

Participants: Justin D. Finkle (2014-present), Albert Y. Xue (2014)

Letters to a pre-scientist
Pen pal with an elementary school student.

Participants: Justin D. Finkle (2013-present)

Northwestern Memorial
Assist patients and work with resident on developing a medical device.

Participants: M. Kasim Fassia (2013-2016)

IJAS Science Fair
Illinois Junior Academy of Science. Interview and judge showcased projects.

Participants: Narasimhan Balakrishnan (2016), Justin D. Finkle (2014)

ETOPiA: The Engineering Transdisciplinary Outreach Project in the Arts
Professional performance arts theater is open to the public and staged in the McCormick School of Engineering & Applied Sciences to inspire a cross-disciplinary dialogue about the role of science and technology in society.

Co-producer: Prof. Neda Bagheri (2015)

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)
Lead and facilitated feedback from graduate students on high school science fair presentations in preparation for Intel ISEF.

Facilitator: Albert Y. Xue (2015)

Chicago Cares
ACT tutoring

Tutor: M. Kasim Fassia (2015)

MORE at Niles West HS
Mentorship Opportunities for Research Engagement with NWHS students.

Participants: Justin D. Finkle (2013-2015), Joseph J. Muldoon (2014-2015)

Biotechnology Day
Present current research to students of Chicago public schools.

Panel host: Jia J. Wu

NU Project Showcase Judge
Interview and judge showcased projects.

Participants: Justin D. Finkle (2013-2014), Albert Y. Xue (2014)

International Genetically Engineered Machine team at NU.

Mentor: Joseph J. Muldoon (2014)

Spring Symposium: host workshops to improve Chicago-area FIRST teams; organize food and volunteers.
Mid-season design review: organize a panel of judges to give feedback on FIRST designs.
Illinois FTC State Championship: interview and judge teams.
CMSA qualifying tournament: interview and judge teams.
IIT qualifying tournament: interview and judge teams.

Judge, interviewer, and organizer: Albert Y. Xue (2014)

ETHS shadowing
Evanston Township HS student mentoring.

Participants: Jia J. Wu, Albert Y. Xue (2014)

Blind Service Association
Assist visually impaired professor with examination grading and data entry.

Participants: M. Kasim Fassia (2013)

Course on Introduction to Engineering Design.

Participants: Jia J. Wu

Women in Science and Engineering at Evanston Township HS.

Mentor/facilitator: Jia J. Wu

BSSB/CSB Journal Club
NU Biotechnology, Systems, and Synthetic Biology / Computational Systems Biology Journal Club.

Presenters: Albert Y. Xue (co-organizer), Justin D. Finkle, Jia J. Wu, Joseph J. Muldoon (2013-2014)